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The key challenges we face in ensuring a viable future of classic and historic vehicles:

  • Preservation, reuse and recycling can be the greenest solution

    Our sector will more than play it's part in meeting the climate challenge and in doing so can also preserve a unique, heritage asset, together with jobs and skills that would otherwise be lost.

  • Delays and frustrations with the DVLA

    We're working hard to resolve these issues and have established a working group with the DVLA. There's lots to do and we need your help to succeed.

  • Challenges with the movement of parts and vehicles between the UK and the European Union

    Paperwork, carnets, bonds and delays - there are a multitude of issues. We can only fix this with your support.

Other Key Issues

  • 1.

    There is a risk that the general perception may become that non-electric vehicles are an enemy of the environment. The clear environmental benefits and the sustainability of retaining an existing vehicle appear to be ignored.

    We need to communicate the real picture clearly and effectively.

  • 2.

    We need to engage the younger audience to preserve the valuable heritage skills that support the industry and every classic and historic vehicle owner.

    We must highlight the benefits of careers and opportunities across the entire sector.

  • 3.

    We must promote and celebrate the importance of the heritage, as has successfully been achieved with historic buildings.

    These vehicles are an intrinsic part of our history and story. They must be preserved and protected.

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    For individuals who wish to play an active and important part in protecting the future of classic and historic vehicles.

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    For those who wish to support the Alliance more substantially. Supporting Owners will benefit from a programme of events and invitations. Also includes membership for your immediate family.

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An opportunity to make a significant difference to our cause.

We need to ensure that we are not swept away by the unintended effects of legislation or public opinion. In a world where blanket electrification is being strongly advocated as the sole solution to the genuine environmental challenges.


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