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We have a range of membership options available to suit - the most important thing is that you add your voice to the chorus that is demanding a viable future for this world-leading British industry.

Why Join?

  • The challenges our industry is now experiencing and those coming down the road fast are serious - and in many cases may lead to job losses and business closures.  

    We have created this non-profit organisation for a single purpose - to do everything that can be done to protect the future for us all. Our insights, expertise and advice will keep members ahead of the curve on upcoming developments, helping them stay fully informed as they build and refine business plans.

    Aside from our campaigning work we are also working to increase customer confidence in our industry - reliable common standards, effective consumer protection and a code of conduct. Vehicle owners will see the benefits of dealing with HCVA member businesses.

  • HCVA membership brings confidence to both your customers and your suppliers and offers important benefits, including:

    Access to an in house importation and registration help programme.

    Support in handling potentially damaging legislation.

    Access to support and advice from our HCVA experts.

    Inclusion in the proposed HCVA promotion and marketing campaigns of all members

    We are committed to protecting jobs and ensuring the classic vehicle sector is a viable career choice for the engineers of the future. Joining the HCVA helps support our vital work in promoting and preserving the industry for the long term - ensuring a viable and flourishing classic vehicle sector for years 

  •  So joining is a sensible and pragmatic response to what we are all facing. We’re taking our futures, and the prospects of generations to come, in our hands.

    Membership Categories

    Direct Industry Members selected from the following categories:

    Established Dealers, Marque Specialists, Established Restorers, Specialist Bodyshops, Trim Specialists, Parts Specialists, Specialist Engineering, Competition Preparers, Importation and Registration services, Specialist Transport, Specialist Car Storage

    Industry Supporting Members selected from the following categories:

    Specialist Auctions, Historic Racing & Rallying Event Promotors, Classic Car Tours, Concours & Events, Museums, Magazines & Media, Publishing, Marketing & Promotion, Specialist Insurers and Asset Finance

For Trade & Industry

  • Full Membership

    For established businesses to benefit from being part of the trade and industry alliance and gaining full access to all services, including assistance from the HCVA experts, working collaboratively for the future.

    £1.5k annual membership.

    All prices shown are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

  • Associate Membership

    For smaller volume specialists or those with a connected, but not primary, business and for companies involved in our industry who want to protect the future of classic cars and vehicles.

    £750 annual membership

    All prices shown are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

  • Affiliations

    For like minded organisations to affiliate to help shape the destiny of our sector – by discussion and invitation.

    Contact us  to discover more.

Founding Partner Members & The ‘2030' package

Founding Partner Membership is by invitation and drawn from across all membership categories including owners and enthusiasts. Those who commit to our founding partner group will have the option of a seat at the table as we shape our campaign and will enjoy enhanced promotional benefits. We recognise that founding partners are extremely busy and are focused on their own businesses so we won’t make demands on their time. 

The Founding Partner ‘2030’ package was created to underpin our formation, launch and initial proposed campaigns.  It represents a one off investment in protecting the future for us all through a ’10 year’ membership.

This is open to all categories of membership.

£15,000 - with the option to spread over 36 months for smaller volume specialists and for owners/enthusiasts.

All prices shown are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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