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We have a range of membership options available to suit - the most important thing is that you add your voice to the chorus that is demanding a viable future for this world-leading British industry.

Owners & Enthusiasts

    Supporting Owners

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    As a Supporting Owner, your extra contribution over that of Owners & Enthusiasts will be used to help further the cause of protecting the future of classic and historic vehicles in the UK. It may be considered an investment  - you are helping to fund this valuable campaign. 

    Of course there will be additional benefits, including access to a range of professional services, VIP access to upcoming events and also incentives and discounts as they come on stream.

    £600 p/a inclusive of VAT

    Owners & Enthusiasts

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    A membership category created for all owners & enthusiasts, who recognise the value and importance of our cause. The greater our membership numbers the stronger our voice. 

    This is critical to helping our mission succeed. By joining as an owner or enthusiast, you will also gain exclusive access to a variety of proposed events, as the HCVA grows. 

    £90 p/a inclusive of VAT 

    Under 25 years old Membership

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    A key element of our mission is to really encourage our younger members. As the generations change, so does the perception of what qualifies as a classic. 

    We are dedicated to introducing our world to the younger generation, and explaining the surprising truth about the environmental impact of classics. Whether you currently own a classic or not, you will also gain exclusive access to a variety of proposed events, as the HCVA grows. 

    £24 p/a inclusive of VAT

Vehicle Owners Clubs

The FBHVC caters for all British Historic Vehicle Clubs

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Why Join?

  • Adding your voice helps protect the diverse network of people, businesses and jobs that is the British classic and historic vehicle sector. 

    If you enjoy attending events as an owner or spectator and want to ensure you will continue to see classics on the roads then you can help by making your voice heard.

    We also plan to run exclusive events and we will keep you informed with what is happening with our mission. And when we succeed you'll know that you have done your bit to protect such a key part of our heritage.

  • We are working to underpin the viability of the industry as a whole, for the benefit of current and future generations of stakeholders and enthusiasts. 

    We aim to introduce regulation to the industry – reliable common standards, effective consumer protection and a code of conduct.

    We are embracing this challenge because in a post-Brexit world, with environmental and other legislation looming, we need to ensure the voice of the industry and owners is heard and clearly understood by regulators and those in power.

The HCVA has been established to secure the long term prospects of classic cars, bikes and historic vehicles in the UK and to make sure owners can enjoy them for years to come.

The '2030'

A lifetime membership package for the serious collectors to be able to offer a long term commitment to underpinning the future for us all.


Inclusive of VAT and with the option to pay 5K per annum over three years if preferred.

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