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Our passion is to see the next generation of young people driving, maintaining and enjoying historic cars. We know that if nothing is done, the world of classic motoring will change and even disappear. It doesn't take vast research to see society is shifting. The car world is undergoing seismic technical changes, attitudes to driving and the ambition to own a car, particularly amongst the Millennial generation, is changing too.

We believe our old car world provides a real haven in the digital age: enjoyment, adventure and community. It's a place to belong; where friendship, common interest and mechanical fun are self evident; where things are repaired and not thrown away. StarterMotor is determined to ensure a big welcome to the historic motoring community for young people by supporting them in their ambitions and promoting access to classic cars.

Our home is at iconic Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. This time warp base is truly unmatched in evocative character, and access to Bicester Motion's airfield and test tracks complete its dynamic operation as The Home of Historic Motoring.

The Next Generation

There is a clear need to engage a new generation, to encourage them to take up careers in the historic vehicle industry and to enjoy historic cars. With the way historic and classic vehicle prices have risen in the last 10 years it has become harder and harder for young people to become involved.

StarterMotor has partnerships with educational facilities, colleges and apprenticeship schemes and provides vehicles and other resources for their students to not only learn from, but also to use in competitions, events and shows.

We also work with industry partners to assist young enthusiasts in finding a part to play in the industry.

There is a great need for engineering and craft apprentices as well as roles in areas such as insurance, sales, event management, marketing and auctioneering, all of which require a specialist knowledge and passion.

Historic vehicle clubs struggle to attract younger members. StarterMotor is working with major groups to identify changes needed and providing different opportunities for young people to become a part of this community. Many clubs need new youth policies and a new approach to events and the charity is here to help make that happen.

We need your help

We have a fleet of classic cars which are loaned to young people to drive and enjoy, that need repairing and maintaining. We take apprentices to events up and down the country, covering their expenses and providing accommodation. We provide resources, including complete 'learning' cars to colleges and academies. We support historic car specialists by providing access to Apprenticeship Levy grants to encourage investment in the next generation of engineers. And much more…

You can support StarterMotor financially, by donating resources or even by providing a car for learning or driving. If you are a business you sponsor the charity. If you are an individual donations, however big or small, are vital. 


Thank you!

From the start...

StarterMotor was founded in 2016 to support engineering colleges at Bicester Heritage. Academy and college support has now been extended to Silverstone and Brooklands providing more learning cars and other resources. It has established itself as the sector's only charity solely focused on introducing the next generation to historic motoring, careers and events. It's proving guidance to specialists and support to clubs.

The charity is supported by Bicester Motion, Hagerty Insurance, the Goodwood Road and Racing Club, the VSCC, Hero ERA and many others.