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From the very beginning we have attracted a great deal of press attention that has really helped us to get our message across. You can read a broad selection of our press to date in this section.

  • Breakdown cover small print warning for classic car owners

    Classic car owners are being warned to carefully examine their breakdown cover to avoid potential pitfalls this summer. Start Rescue is warning that many owners may be wasting money on breakdown cover that doesn't adequately cater to the unique needs of classic vehicles.

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  • Ten Questions – David Meek, Chair of the HCVA

    David is interviewed by Dale Vinten from Car & Classic - who are proud Founding Partners of the HCVA.

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  • The HCVA in Engineering & Technology - April 2022

    Garry writes about issues related to the electrification of classic vehicles in the Comment section of the Institute of Engineering and Technology website. He discusses the case for alternative solutions to net zero in the classic vehicle world.

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  • The HCVA in b500 Magazine - March 2022

    Thanks to the generosity of HCVA Founding Partner Moss Automotive we have an advert and mention in the excellent b500 magazine which you can read online. Our advert is on pages 8-9 and we are mentioned on page 45.

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  • The HCVA in Classic Car Business Magazine - March 2022

    CEO Garry Wilson has penned his first column for the new Classic Car Business magazine, explaining how far the HCVA has already progressed in protecting the future of classic vehicles.


  • The HCVA in Classic & Sports Car Magazine - Feb 2022

    A year since the group’s inception, incoming CEO Garry Wilson explains how this champion of the classic car industry is progressing...



  • The HCVA in Classic Car Buyer - Feb 2022

    'Preserve our industry' plea to youngsters. HCVA offers incentive to young enthusiasts to help safeguard the future of UK's classic vehicle scene.


  • Protecting the future of our past.

    Depending on who you talk to, you might believe that classic cars are not long for this world. However, while it can seem as though classic car drivers are firmly on the wrong side of history, Garry Wilson, CEO of the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) is trying to ensure that yesterday’s motors have a place on tomorrow’s roads.

    Tom Fogden for Auto Futures 24/11/2021

  • Instant Offset from the HCVA - batteries not required.

    There is no denying that climate change, the environment, carbon, however you want to label it, is a big topic right now. And rightly so. After all, we only have one shot at keeping this big green ball we call Earth in good nick. And of course, in light of these, we’re all trying to do our bit to ensure said green ball stays green.

    Chris Pollitt for Car & Classic 17/11/2021

  • The classic cars being given an environmental makeover

    How easy is it to convert your classic car to electric power – and is it worth the effort? That probably depends on whether you drive a Land Rover or a Ferrari, says Daniel Pembrey

    Daniel Pembrey for the The Field 17/09/2021

  • Classic car owners may face new MOT rules as campaigners demand changes

    Malcolm McKay, spokesperson for the HCVA said MOT's should look more closely at fuel hoses now cars will be fitted with E10 petrol. He said the higher amounts of ethanol will “attack fuel hoses” which will be a major safety risk for owners of older vehicles.

    Luke Chillingsworth for the Daily Express 19/08/2021

  • Can green synthetic fuels save the internal combustion engine?

    Even if only EVs are on sale in 2030, half of the cars on our roads will still use internal combustion. The race is on to invest in efuel – carbon-neutral, synthetic hydrocarbons – ideal for the petrol guzzling motors that aren't going anywhere.

    Wired UK 11/04/2021


  • Classic car owners will need to 'find a way around' new E10 petrol change

    Classic car experts have warned the classic car movement are “scared” to make too much fuss despite the risk of damage to cars which are not compatible with the new petrol. An expert has even suggested E5 fuel may not be around in the future as it would be up to fuel companies to decide whether to stock it.

    Luke Chillingsworth for the Daily Express 12/07/2021

  • Electric cars 'could be' the final nail in the coffin for classic car owners

    CLASSIC CARS could become "less usable" as a result of the move towards electric cars, according to experts. Specialists at the Historic Classic Vehicle Alliance warned owners could face the nail in the coffin as a result of the push towards electrification.

    Luke Chillingsworth for the Daily Express 03/07/2021

  • Classic car experts warn emissions concerns are a 'widespread misconception'

    CLASSIC CAR experts have revealed historic models produce just half the emissions of mobile phones and computers as specialists warn the industry is under threat. Experts at the HCVA have warned classic car emissions are a “widespread misconception”.

    Luke Chillingsworth for the Daily Express 03/06/2021

  • 100,000 classic car jobs at risk from red tape and green fears

    More than 100,000 specialist jobs in the classic car industry could be under threat due to post-Brexit bureaucracy and poorly targeted environmental legislation, according to a new trade body representing the sector. The Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) has called on MPs and regulators to help protect the sector.

    Matt Allan for The Scotsman 27th May 2021

  • Classic cars are in 'serious jeopardy' and 'may not survive' warn enthusiasts

    Figures from the classic vehicle industry fear complex new rules around importing and exporting classic vehicles to the EU are damaging owners confidence. They warn there is a misunderstanding of the environmental impact of vintage motoring which could also be playing a role in undermining the sector.

    Luke Chillingsworth for the Daily Express 25/05/2021

  • 'Mindboggling' red tape threatens classic car industry

    The vintage car sector has formed a new group, the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA), to protect an industry it says has an annual turnover of £18.3bn and either employs or supports some 113,000 jobs, including engineers, restorers, craftsmen and parts suppliers.


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  • New classic car industry body launches

    A group of leading industry figures has united to form the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) to protect the British classic car industry, which it says has an annual turnover of £18.3b. The group is calling on British politicians and regulators to use their post-Brexit independence to help grow this sector of the economy.

    Classic & Sports Car Editorial Team 25/05/2021


    Did you know?

    The classic and historic vehicles sector supports over 110,000 jobs - often highly skilled and well paid. There are also more than 650 Apprenticeships giving young people opportunities and maintaining vital skills into the future.

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    Did you know?

    The classic and historic vehicle sectors turns over £18.3 Billion, over £2 Billion is spent buying classic cars, £1.08 billion is spent on insurance and the sector generates £2.9 billion in tax - every year.

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