HCVA is the Trade Association for all businesses that exist to provide services to the Historic and Classic Vehicle Industry

Membership Fees are transparent and based on the size of the business. All Trade Members, regardless of size, enjoy the same benefits.

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For high volume specialists with over 60 staff members or turnover above £15mil

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HCVA Code of Conduct

The HCVA wants to ensure clarity, consistency and efficiency within the historic and classic vehicle sector, with membership of the HCVA acting as assurance to clients that members will adhere to the highest possible ethical standards when engaging in business.

It shall be the responsibility of each member to be familiar with and abide by the Membership Rules, this Code of Conduct, and any other rules and regulations of the HCVA. The HCVA expects its members to conduct themselves and their organisations in accordance with the following best practice recommendations:

Apply their professional knowledge and skills in the best interests of their clients.

Not do anything that will place their own interests in conflict with those of their clients.

Maintain clients’ and members’ confidentiality at all times.

Maintain high ethical standards with regards to competition in the sector and not engage in any anti-competitive conduct with other members of the industry including, without limitation, by way of exchanging pricing information or making negative supplier recommendations.

For those members involved in the purchase and sale of classic vehicles, ensure that both buyer and seller are aware whether the member is acting either as agent or principal.

When practical it is recommended that fees are agreed in writing before work is undertaken.

Show due diligence in the representation of historic information.

Show due diligence in ensuring the instructing client has the legal authority to give instructions and agree proposals.

Any mechanical, service or restoration work must be completed to the highest level with the safety of the client as the first priority.

Exercise due care and diligence in all aspects of handling and storing clients’ property.

Adhere to current data protection laws and regulations including, as applicable, the retained version of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Have appropriate insurance cover in place at all times, including with respect to professional indemnity cover, transport and storage.

Make appropriate arrangements for protecting client’s monies.

Be aware of and adhere to money laundering and anti-bribery laws and regulations, and have appropriate policies in place for members of your organisation.

Ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in respect of the above.

Be committed to diversity in employment and be consistent and fair in hiring practices.

Any breach of this Code of Conduct shall be taken very seriously by the HCVA and may result in a cessation or suspension of membership in accordance with the Membership Rules. 

"It has always been important to support individuals, companies and organisations that preserve our automotive heritage. The restoration and preservation of classic cars keeps our rich history in the automotive sector alive for future generations. As we move towards electrification and ever more stringent regulations, in my view it will become even more important to support and protect our classic automotive heritage."

Professor Gordon Murray, Legendary Formula 1 designer