V55/5 Simple Guide

The form itself is relatively simple once you realise that for a classic car you need only fill in certain parts of the form. Our reference version will help - download it below.

The latest version of the V55/5 can be found here

Download our reference version (PDF) showing clearly where to add your information

Complete the highlighted sections of the form in black pen with the following guidance:

Section 2: Either ‘Historic’ if it was built over 40 years ago or ‘PLG’ if less than that.

Section 3: Either 6 or 12 months tax.

Section 4: A registration fee of £55.00 is due for the application plus the amount of tax due depending on your answers to Sections 2 and 3. If ‘Historic’, no additional fee is due. If ‘PLG’ you will need to enter the amount you are paying for 6 or 12 months.

Section 5: The manufacturer of your vehicle e.g Jaguar

Section 6: Generally the same as the manufacturer

Section 7: For example XK120 or E-Type

Section 8: This is the type of body for example ‘convertible’, ‘coupe’, ‘2 door saloon’, ‘estate’ etc

Section 9: For normal cars ‘2 Axle Rigid’ or for motorcycles ‘2 wheel’

Section 10: The generalised paint colour of your car eg ‘blue’ or ‘grey’ - do not use the full manufacturer description.

Section 11: Normally ‘N/A’ - only required for cars less than 10 years old

On the top right of the 1st page it also asks for ‘Country vehicle purchased from’ - this is the Country you should have the title document from. Please also tick whether the car is left or right-hand drive currently.

Section 24: The date the car was first registered in its original destination country. If you do not have this, use the date of manufacture.

Section 25: Year of build for your vehicle

Section 26: Complete this only if the car had previously been registered in the UK.

Section 30: This will be the date you wish the tax to run from and will always be the first of a month.

Section 31: ‘Petrol’, ‘Diesel’  ‘LPG’ or 'Electric'

Section 32: The VIN/Chassis number for your vehicle

Section 33: The engine number for the engine currently in the vehicle

Section 34: Engine capacity in ‘CC’ e.g 3781 for a 3.8L Jaguar XK

Section 66: Current mileage (convert to miles if in KM)

Section 70: Enter the name and address that will be used on your V5C

Section 71: Enter the best contact number and email for yourself

Section 72: Any car over 10 years old is exempt so ‘Age’ is sufficient here.

Once you have completed the above sections, sign and date the form.

Proof of personal identification

You will also need the following proof of personal ID for the person named on the V5C:

A clear PHOTOCOPY of both sides of your photocard driving licence.

If you are unable to supply the above you must send PHOTOCOPIES of one document that proves your name AND another one that proves your address:

If needed to confirm your name supply a photocopy of ONE of the following:

Current UK paper driving licence


Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Decree nisi or decree absolute

If needed to confirm your address supply a photocopy of ONE of the following:

A utility bill issued in the last 3 months.

Council tax bill for the current year

Bank statement issued in the last 3 months

A medical card/letter

Documents relating to the car to support your application

You will also need to supply the following ORIGINAL documents with your application:

Original title document from the Country the car last came from

If this is not available, you must supply a covering letter explaining why and also original dating evidence for your vehicle from the manufacturer e.g a Jaguar Heritage Certificate.

A valid MOT certificate if applicable

Certificate of Insurance

It is also worth including a note of the NOVA number which is required to show the car has all relevant import taxes paid.

Please send all of the above along with a cheque payable to ‘DVLA’ for the £55 registration fee and any vehicle tax payable to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BE