HCVA members lead the way in sustainable fuels for classic cars

There are many benefits to membership of the HCVA, but perhaps the most consistently demonstrated gain is collaboration among our trade associates.

And this weekend’s Flywheel event (17th to 18th June) hosted by HCVA member Bicester Motion at its Heritage site promises to showcase what the very best of the British automotive industry can achieve when businesses work to support each other.

HCVA trade member and fuel specialist, Coryton launched the UK’s first publicly available sustainable petrol for classic vehicles this week. A watershed moment for our sector. And if you’re one of our members heading to Oxfordshire for Flywheel, you’ll be able to see it in action on the track.

The new SUSTAIN Classic range from Coryton allows motorists to fuel their vintage vehicles with ethanol-free petrol, derived from agricultural and food waste, without any modifications to their engines.

Currently, it’s made in three grades and delivers a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to fossil fuels.

Super 80 contains at least 80% renewable content

Super 33 contains 33% sustainable fuel

Racing 50 is made from at least 50% renewables

Andrew Willson, CEO at Coryton, said: “We believe that SUSTAIN Classic is the world’s first ever sustainable fuel catering for classic vehicles, providing a credible and convenient way to run vintage vehicles without the need for fossil fuels. It’s fully certified, tested, and developed right here in the UK at our world-class blending facility.

“It’s estimated that there are almost half a million classic cars in the UK, each one with its own unique purpose, build and history. By creating a collection of second-generation biofuels that are compatible with their needs, as well as those of other vintage vehicles, we hope to provide these much-loved motors with a more sustainable future and preserve them for years to come.”

It’s a future we’re committed to supporting and promoting at the HCVA.

And we’re proud that one of our founding members; Motor Spirit is the first distributor in the UK. Priced from £3.80 per litre, SUSTAIN Classic will be available from their one-stop automotive liquids warehouse, on-site at Bicester Heritage.

Guy Lachlan heads up Motor Spirit and said: “We're very excited to be the launch partner for Coryton's SUSTAIN Classic fuel. It is vital for the future of Classic Cars and Motorcycles that environmentally-friendly liquid fuels are commercially available, and Motor Spirit's facility at Bicester Heritage is the perfect location to start an environmental revolution! SUSTAIN Classic represents the best available combination of usability, sustainability and quality: exactly in line with Motor Spirit's ethos.”

You can learn more about Coryton's SUSTAIN Classic fuel by stopping by the HCVA tent at Flywheel this weekend or visiting Motor Spirit to see participating cars refuel at the UK’s first sustainable fuel pump, which will also be unveiled at the event.