Images by kind permission of Paolo Gibelli, Goodwood and James Lipman

The next generation of historic racers shine at Goodwood Revival 2023

The Goodwood Revival is an event unlike any other, like stepping through a portal to the 1950s and celebrating all things historic racing. However, not all of the weekend is spent celebrating the past, there is one event in particular that is very much focused on the future of the industry. This is of course the Settrington Cup, one of the most competitive and highly anticipated events of the Revival. The great race sees a field of up to 70 future historic car racers, mechanics, owners and enthusiasts battle for position along a 220-metre stretch of the pit lane straight. You won’t see more enthusiasm on track across the whole revival weekend!

The drivers aged between 4 and 11 years old each pilot an original Austin J40 pedal car, some cars approaching 75 years old. The young racers have often lovingly restored and prepared these cars themselves with help from families and friends, learning valuable skills that they certainly would not be taught in school. Each driver also brings along their own mechanic team, often consisting of brothers and sisters, on hand for any last minute repairs. The young teams receive the full Goodwood experience, with the opportunity to rub shoulders with motor racing royalty in the driver’s club when they’re not hard at work on their cars.

The race begins with a Le Mans start to get the crowd going. This is then followed by 220 meters of furiously determined pedalling split by a chicane and then a straight-line sprint to the finish.  We were proud to see racers representing several of our HCVA industry members and founding partners taking part in the race.

See the full race 1 here:

The Settrington Cup is now in its 11th year of inspiring young enthusiasts.  We spoke to Annabel, a driver in the 2015 Settrington Cup, now aged 17:

Annabel says;

“The race was an experience that I’ll never forget, it was amazing to race in front of the massive crowds on the Goodwood circuit. I did not know much about the cars when I raced but it started an interest in older cars that has grown since. I’m now saving up for my own classic mini, without pedals hopefully!”

One of our four key campaign pillars is education and skills, educating future generations on the incredible career opportunities in the classic car industry has never been so important.

It really is fantastic to see the enthusiasm that the young drivers show towards this race and historic motorsport in general. Just one experience like this could be enough to inspire the youngsters into a lifelong career in the industry. If the determination and enthusiasm of the young racers and mechanics of the Settrington Cup is anything to go by, the future of the historic motoring industry will be in safe hands!