5th October 2023: HCVA Heritage Matters Insights Day

Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance Chair, David Meek Shares The Organisation’s Strategic Vision

In the first of a series of transcriptions summarising the HCVA’s recent Heritage Matters Trade Members’ Insight Day, Chair David Meek takes to the stage to share the organisation’s strategic vision.

“This industry is made up of small hard working businesses – SMEs like yours. HCVA is here to support you.

Our vision is to be your one voice, without bias, independent and pragmatic, representing all businesses that earn a living across the sector.

I have spent the first three months alongside my team, performing a strategic review and introducing our four campaign pillars. We have also just announced three new board directors and a partnership with StarterMotor. Moving forwards, it’s key to have that connection to the new generation, encouraging their involvement and enthusiasm.

Heritage Matters.

HCVA Community. We’re proud to renew our focus on community - bringing all of us together to share concerns and challenges. Much like we are today. We continue to build credibility and trust on a number of levels, with you as our members and also with our stakeholders and partners. We are looking to inform, prioritise and take action as necessary.

Education and Skills. This £18BN sector represents over £4BN in tax to the Revenue and it needs to be multi generational to continue to grow. We need to improve the broader understanding of the value of the sector, associated businesses and their transferable skills. We are looking to build access to work experience and apprenticeships.

Our vision is to promote, educate and encourage diversity on all levels, to change perceptions and better understand the contribution our industry makes to society.

Environment and Sustainability. We are agnostic and are committed to being open minded. We are talking about future fuels. UK policy decisions are stifling investment in the future. Our vision is to drive investment, encourage development and promote innovation, while also protecting the heritage of our sector.

Regulation and Policy is another HCVA pillar where we’re constantly working hard on your behalf. There’s a lot going on and that in part is thanks to our many parliamentary colleagues, such as Greg Smith MP, who is with us today. I am lobbyist. And I am here to ensure the threats to our industry are understood. October’s diary includes a meeting with Janette Beinart, Cabinet, Non-Executive Director conducting the DVLA review, as well as Richard Holden, the Under Secretary of Transport. We will be heard.

There is positive engagement with all parties across the board, including the DVLA. And our work continues.

Why join the HCVA?

A better question is, why would you not?”