A Classic Car Weekly Special Report by David Simister on the importance of the DVLA's attendance at the HCVA Heritage Matters Insight Day

This excellent special report by David Simister of Classic Car Weekly highlights the uniqueness of having the DVLA attend this groundbreaking event by the HCVA:

David Simister said:

“The fact that the HCVA's trade insight day was the first time that I've ever spoken to a DVLA representative face-to-face in ten years of working at CCW rather than through its press office, speaks volumes about the fact that they're in listening mode...it's crucial that it works much more openly with enthusiast groups so that it has access to the expertise that it needs to resolve classic specific cases, and I'm hopeful that this forms part of any action taken following the ongoing review of its operations."

The event, held at Hagerty’s UK Clubhouse at Bicester Heritage, offered an invaluable opportunity for HCVA’s trade members to enjoy an inspirational and informative day of industry discussion and networking. Hosted by motorsports broadcaster Toby Moody, proceedings began with HCVA’s Chair, David Meek, presenting the organisation’s strategic vision. The day’s agenda focused on five key areas and a keynote speech from Greg Smith MP.

Greg Smith MP of Parliament's Transport Select Committee said:

"... the DVLA admitted there was a problem, and that's the first time I've seen that; that to me is progress."

Since its inception, the HCVA has worked tirelessly to preserve the UK’s rich legacy of historic and classic vehicles, while also making significant strides in safeguarding automotive heritage and inspiring future generations.

HCVA Chair, David Meek says:

“HCVA represents the one voice of all those who earn a living in the classic and historical vehicle sector, a not-for-profit organisation without bias, independent and pragmatic. Our inaugural insights day was an important milestone in our vision, demonstrating our collaborative and solutions based approach towards proactive problem solving for the sector. The feedback has been excellent and we are already planning the next event.”

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