Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Now in its 17th year, National Apprenticeship Week runs from Monday 5 February to Sunday 11 February 2024. It aims to raise awareness of the many benefits apprenticeships can offer employers and also to highlight how fulfilling careers for young people can begin with an apprenticeship.

Here at the HCVA we are keenly aware that a thriving classic and historic industry relies on the skills, knowledge and abilities of those who work in it, and we are committed to helping demonstrate the value of a career in the sector to young people.

It is vital that the next generations understand the opportunities available and that skills are passed on to ensure the longer term viability of classic and historic vehicles. With many experienced people nearing retirement this has become a pressing need. This where our partners the Heritage Skills Academy excel. Founded in 2016 by John Pitchforth, it exists to offer clear pathways into apprenticeships for young people.

Working with education and industry professionals, they have created an apprenticeship standard that meets the needs of employers and allow apprentices to develop the skills and attributes needed to succeed in the industry.

John says:

“We built (the course) under guidance from the Heritage Engineering Trailblazer and we had about 60 companies put their thoughts into what was relevant for their business and tailored the whole program around what the industry requires. The modern engineering apprenticeships really forget about the traditional skills that are needed to keep classic vehicles on the road”.

The HSA are actively looking for new businesses in the classic car restoration and maintenance sector to take on talented apprentices from their programs.

If you’re looking to introduce the next generation to your business then be sure to contact the HSA here to start the conversation.

Skilled craftspeople can also provide valuable help by passing on their skills on either a full or part-time basis through both workshop and classroom sessions. Offered on a flexible basis, this is an excellent way to pass on knowledge, skills and experience, helping the next generations discover the value of a career in the classic and historic sectors - building a future for themselves and the industry too.

Discover more about the Heritage Skills Academy and their excellent work here.

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