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Action on Parts - an HCVA Initiative

If a component fitted by a restorer or maintainer doesn't fit properly or fails prematurely, the resulting rectification can impose costs onto the installer far beyond the value of the part that failed – not to mention consequential reputational harm and customer dissatisfaction.

No-one deliberately supplies substandard parts, so the HCVA's 'Action on Parts' programme exists to collect data and initiate constructive dialogue between all parties to investigate feasible improvements as well as their commercial ramifications.

We are really lucky to have a diverse array of parts suppliers in the UK, which makes this country the best place to own and use a classic vehicle. Action on Parts will help to address areas where perhaps five or ten pounds extra cost on a part can save tens or hundreds of hours in unnecessary warranty work down the line. It really is a win/win/win for manufacturers, installers and enthusiasts.

Guy Lachlan, HCVA

HCVA members can use our online form to inform us of issues and help us to identify product improvement opportunities. Cases will be taken forward in a non-confrontational round-table format involving all involved parties, where proposals can be discussed in a professional, co-operative environment. 

By working together in this way, HCVA hopes that supplying and installing companies can improve the landscape of parts supply for the benefit of themselves, their fellow professionals, owners and enthusiasts alike.

Julian Barratt of SNG Barratt Ltd, a Founding Partner of the HCVA and leading Jaguar parts supplier, welcomes the initiative. 

"The HCVA's Action on Parts program will help us to identify product improvement opportunities with feedback from expert installers, get feedback on our proposals, and take action where mutually appropriate. It's an important step, and one in which the HCVA can play an important facilitative role."

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    The eternal problem for us as classic vehicle enthusiasts is the whole ‘you get what you pay for’ idiom. How can we be sure that the parts we are installing on to our classic cars and bikes are a) going to work properly and b) going to last? 

    Well, that’s where the HCVA and its new Action on Parts initiative comes in...

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Action on Parts