HCVA Member Update - DVLA Announcement

We are pleased to inform members that that the DVLA has begun to address the concerns of our members and those of our partner organisations within the Historical Vehicle User Group (HVUG). 

Announced today was a re-assessment of previous considerations relating to chassis components, modifications and consequential Q-plate registrations. It was confirmed by DVLA’s Head of Strategy and Policy that “replacement of the front frame assembly, including the picture frame, will no longer be considered to be a modification requiring the allocation of a DVLA VIN and Q registration number” in reference to an E-type Jaguar.

The HCVA's long-standing goal is to work with DVLA and other stakeholders to agree a published definition of exactly what work can be performed during restoration without jeopardising a given vehicle's Historic registration status. The protocol we envisage would cover general principles, with model-specific clarifications where appropriate. 

This is an important step towards that goal.

David Meek, HCVA Chair says:

“We anticipate that this will be the first of a number to changes to previous assumptions that will be announced by the DVLA as it continues to review its approach to the complexities of the Classic and Historic vehicle sector. Whilst this step has taken a long time, it is encouraging that progress is now being made and we look forward to continued progress relating to other areas of uncertainty on behalf of our members.”

Dudley Ashford, DVLA’s Corporate Services Manager, said: “The DVLA, through the Historic Vehicle User Group, maintain an effective and valuable relationship with the HVCA. We continue to listen to feedback from members and are very keen to maintain this ongoing effective dialogue.”