9th May 2024

Call for Evidence on how to "future-proof classic cars and back drivers."


We're delighted that the hard work undertaken by the classic and historic car industry and interested groups has borne fruit today with the announcement at Bicester Heritage by Mark Harper, Secretary of State for the Department for Transport, of a call for evidence on how to "future-proof classic cars and back drivers."

Those interested will be able to have their say on potential changes to registering historic, classic, rebuilt, and electrically converted vehicles. The classic car industry and driving enthusiasts can now help shape future policy on how to protect motoring icons and make them fit for the modern age too.

Call for Evidence on Treatment of Historic Vehicles - Full Announcement

The HCVA has been at the forefront of efforts to protect this £18 billion sector, and we will be providing further guidance to members as to what we consider to be the most important elements when making a response. It was clear in the statements made that "consistency of priority was important to enable clarity of guidance." We will also provide direction as to how members may ask their customers to respond.

The Call for Evidence is seeking "...evidence to help identify areas of potential change to how historic, classic, rebuilt and electrically converted vehicles are registered with DVLA." The Call for Evidence is complex with no less than 46 individual questions, and most lead the respondent to acquiesce to the current arrangements and categories.

This represents an excellent opportunity to offer a clear, concise response to Government and the DVLA on the challenges we face and how to mitigate them to enable a bright future for the industry, owners and enthusiasts.

To help interested parties compile their own effective response, the HCVA will shortly publish its own draft detailed response to the call and encourages all potential respondents to read it fully and consider its contents when making their own individual responses.