HCVA Chair David Meek Responds To Rishi Sunak’s Net Zero Update

We are encouraged to hear a softening in tone from Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak as he spoke with the media in relation to the UK’s rigid 2030 net zero policies yesterday.

After meeting with several ministers, MPs and industry partners myself over recent weeks, to discuss ‘future fuels’, it was particularly reassuring to hear Mr Sunak talk to approaching climate policies in a ‘proportionate and pragmatic way’. This is after Housing Secretary Michael Gove commented on Sunday that the environmental cause should not be treated as a ‘religious crusade’ and that ‘thoughtful environmentalism’ is appropriate.

Mr Sunak went on to say that he is ‘standing up for the British people … at a time where inflation is high’ and that whilst progress will be made towards net zero, it will be done in ‘a proportionate and pragmatic way that doesn’t unnecessarily give people more hassle and more costs in their lives – that’s not what I’m interested in and prepared to do.’

Specifically on the issue of the proposed banning of the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2030, an official spokesperson confirmed that whilst it ‘remains our commitment’ that ‘if the situation changes and new technology evolves, we keep our approach under review and make sure that it is the right one.’

One of the four pillars of the HCVA is the environment and sustainability, and we support an open-minded approach to new solutions and technologies. We welcome this changing narrative and believe that a collaborative approach helps to drive innovation and investment in the sector and we look forward to continuing to represent the industry and our members accordingly.

Watch the interview here: Rishi Sunak vows not to add 'unnecessary' costs to meet green targets - BBC News

David Meek
Chair, HCVA