Environment and Sustainability

Working with the broader industry and policy makers to embrace advances in knowledge and technologies to find sustainable solutions for both new and classic vehicles alike. HCVA advocates an open mind approach to ensure the continued growth of the sector and its membership.

The issue

We are deeply concerned that the headlong rush for vehicle electrification could mean that the use of classic cars becomes marginalised, and that there won't be the necessary policy focus to ensure that they remain on the road - or that there will be the fuels available to run them.

What are we doing?

We are pushing hard and engaging at the very top levels of Government and via press and media campaigns to ensure that classic car owners and business are taken into account as policy is developed. We're engaging with companies involved in the development of carbon neutral liquid fuels and creating partnerships with allied organisations and communities.

We've launched a carbon offset scheme where owners can simply and quickly mitigate their emissions.

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  • Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity 

    This new House of Commons Transport Committee report makes significant recommendations about the need for the future availability of sustainable liquid fuels.

    This is a very positive report and we at the HCVA are delighted by the findings. We very much hope that Government policy will now follow these recommendations.

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  • Is driving your classic car killing the planet?

    Quite simply - no. But that may not be the widespread perception and it's down to the HCVA to ensure that the right message gets across to policy makers and the general public too. Learn more about the sector's environmental credentials and how it will achieve a net zero emissions target well before 2050.

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  • Instant Offset - new updated website

    This exciting initiative is a simple way to ensure that every classic driver can completely offset their carbon emissions in just three steps!

    Whatever your offset cost, a contribution of £2 goes toward the HCVA to help fund our campaigning to protect the future of classic and historic vehicles.

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Overview of our policy position

1. ‘Repair, Reuse, Recycle’ is at the heart of the classic car movement.

2. Classic cars are not just a means of transport; they are mobile historic artefacts of our industrial and social heritage.

3. Classic cars have a small carbon footprint due to their minimal usage and fully amortised manufacturing carbon emissions.

4. Some classic cars will be converted to electric power. The environmental cost of conversions however frequently outweigh emissions savings.

5. We believe most classic cars should be preserved in their original state, running on liquid fuels. We campaign for the ongoing availability of liquid fuels from natural, bio or synthetic sources, indefinitely.

6. HCVA will commission research and work with partners, affiliates and members to identify solutions to environmental and sustainability requirements.

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Support the future of classic and historic vehicles in the UK

  • Trade & Industry Membership

    As the Trade Association for the classic and historic vehicle sector we exist to promote the interests of our members. We work to ensure that policy makers and regulators are held accountable, we promote innovation and skills development and ensure the voices of our members are heard.

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  • Owners & Enthusiasts Membership

    Classic and historic vehicles are a valuable, iconic part of our shared heritage and we work to ensure that the sector that supports them can flourish in a changing regulatory and economic environment. Your membership actively supports our vital work and helps to ensure that you can enjoy your classic for years to come.

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  • HCVA Membership Benefits

    We're dedicated to sourcing and offering great offers and opportunities for our members. We'll let you know through membership email and our newsletters as they change and develop. In the meantime here are some exciting offers, business support materials and more.

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The HCVA at the Transport Select Committee  - the future availability of fuels

HCVA Board Member and Founding Partner Guy Lachlan represented the HCVA at the Transport Select Committee meeting held on 2nd March 2022, chaired by Huw Merriman MP

Having been asked by the Committee to submit a report on the need for the future availability of fuels (from fossil to synthetic), the HCVA responded quickly and Guy agreed to represent our interests in the discussion. As the owner of Classic Oils Guy has extensive technical knowledge and also crucially key experience in dealing with the workings of Select Committees.

Garry Wilson, HCVA CEO adds "Guy did an outstanding job of representing the HCVA and therefore the whole historic and classic vehicles sector. Several of the MPs attending the meeting spoke with Guy afterwards and all are supportive of ensuring the ongoing supply of fuels for historic and classic vehicles into the future"

Related campaign news

  • Progress on synthetic fuels

    Tuesday saw the achievement of a significant milestone in the progress towards future fuels for the Historic and Classic vehicles sector. CKL Developments, Jaguar racing specialists, a Founding Partner member of the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) ran a customer’s racing E-Type Jaguar at Goodwood using specialist fuel from Sustain by Coryton.

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  • The HCVA in Engineering & Technology - April 2022

    Garry writes about issues related to the electrification of classic vehicles in the Comment section of the Institute of Engineering and Technology website. 

    He discusses the case for alternative solutions to net zero in the classic vehicle world.

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  • HCVA Instant Offset has launched

    HCVA Instant Offset in conjunction with NET-HERO is the first premium carbon offset platform for motorists to become environmentally responsible. You can offset your automotive carbon footprint in 3 steps from 2 pence per mile.

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