HCVA board member Guy Lachlan speaking with Greg Smith MP at The 2023 Goodwood Revival

Our Campaign

The HCVA represents the collective voice of the hundreds of SME’s who provide services across the historic and classic vehicle sector, supported by the individuals and enthusiasts who rely on them.

Through collaboration, transparency and proactive lobbying the HCVA seeks to increase awareness and education of the sectors economic and social benefits, to ensure those responsible for policy and regulation are challenged and held accountable, to promote sustainable innovation and technologies and to ensure the HCVA member community is engaged and confident their voices will be heard.

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  • Read the HCVA response to the DfT 'Call for Evidence'

    We're very grateful to all of those who have responded to the DfT 'Call for Evidence' and we have had plenty of positive feedback from those who have used our guidance to help in formulating their response.

    Now that the consultation process is entering the next phase you can see our official response here.

    The HCVA Response

  • Environment and Sustainability

    Working with the broader industry and policy makers to embrace advances in knowledge and technologies to find sustainable solutions for both new and classic vehicles alike. HCVA advocates an open mind approach to ensure the continued growth of the sector and its membership.

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  • Education and Skills

    HCVA promotes the wider understanding of the economic and social benefits of the historic and classic vehicle sector, ensuring a diverse and inclusive industry drives future generations to engage. We work with members, partners and corporations to actively promote career opportunities within the sector, from engineering to marketing, operations to executive leadership. 

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  • Regulation and Policy

    Directly engaging with MPs, policy makers and stakeholders to ensure that existing and proposed regulations are fit for purpose, offering consultation and transparency throughout their process. With over 40 million vehicle records and over 49 million driver records held within the UK government’s arms length agencies, HCVA seeks to ensure there is accountable oversight and appropriate challenge.

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  • HCVA Community

    Our members are central to all that we do. As individual SMEs come together, we collectively use our powerful voice to make considered representations and impactful change. Within our membership we facilitate information sharing and encourage collaboration between members.

    In addition, we host events and share exclusive offers and benefits, which combine to make HCVA membership cost effective as well as adding real value for associated businesses.

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Support the future of classic and historic vehicles in the UK

  • Trade & Industry Membership

    As the Trade Association for the classic and historic vehicle sector we exist to promote the interests of our members. We work to ensure that policy makers and regulators are held accountable, we promote innovation and skills development and ensure the voices of our members are heard.

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  • Owners & Enthusiasts Membership

    Classic and historic vehicles are a valuable, iconic part of our shared heritage and we work to ensure that the sector that supports them can flourish in a changing regulatory and economic environment. Your membership actively supports our vital work and helps to ensure that you can enjoy your classic for years to come.

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  • HCVA Membership Benefits

    We're dedicated to sourcing and offering great offers and opportunities for our members. We'll let you know through membership email and our newsletters as they change and develop. In the meantime here are some exciting offers, business support materials and more.

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    The HCVA newsletter keeps you up-to-date with developments that impact our sector, including sustainable fuels, discussions with the DVLA around registration policy, the impact of anti-tampering regulations, options for carbon offset and news on the growing range of benefits available to HCVA Members.

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"The historic and classic car sector plays an important role not only in preserving heritage, but also delivering skilled jobs. I wish HCVA success as they look to address issues facing the owners, enthusiasts and the industry as we emerge from the impact of the pandemic and seek to re-energise the economy."

Philip Dunne, MP for LUDLOW & Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee

The foundations of our campaign

  • Heritage and history

    The world of classic and historic vehicles celebrates heritage and craftsmanship at every level.

    We are working to protect and preserve this great British industry for us all - and for generations to come.

  • Preserving jobs and skills

    It's vital we ensure the 113,000 current jobs we support are protected and that we reach out to younger people, exciting them about the prospects of joining the industry. 

    By bringing in youth with fresh skills and outlooks we can get our sector fit for a bright future.

  • A sustainable industry

    By remaking, reusing and repairing, this industry is the definition of sustainability -  far greener than building and transporting new vehicles, even electric ones.

    We work to ensure that this positive aspect of our sector is both recognised and celebrated.

  • A new standard

    We intend to create a ‘kite mark’ for restoration and maintenance of historic cars, building trust and a common set of standards.

    By ensuring exemplary safety while remaining faithful to tradition we’ll enhance customer confidence which can only help us all.

  • Our Mission

    Driven by a common interest, our mission is to promote, support and maintain the long-term health and success of the sector.

  • Our Values

    Respect for authenticity and provenance.

    Belief in excellence, craftsmanship and exemplary standards.

    Passion for preservation.

    Commitment to transparency and accountability.

  • Our Purpose

    To secure a sustainable future for jobs, businesses, craftsmen, enthusiasts and forthcoming generations.

    To bring clarity, consistency and efficiency to: engagement with regulatory authorities; communications with Government, Parliament, media and the wider public in a post Brexit context; discussions with governmental and non-governmental bodies on environmental issues.

    To correct myths and misconceptions and bring context and perspective to conversation around sustainability, building on the reports of HERO and the FBHVC.

  • Did you know?

    The classic and historic vehicles sector supports over 110,000 jobs - often highly skilled and well paid. There are also just 650 Apprenticeships giving young people opportunities and maintaining vital skills into the future.

  • Did you know?

    In the past five years there has been a 48% rise in the number of historic vehicles. As well as cars, the fleet includes bikes, buses, vans, tractors and many more. This is not just a pastime for the well-heeled - this is a key part of our heritage that is enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life.

  • Did you know?

    The average historic or classic vehicle emits only 20% of the amount of CO2 per year as compared with using your computer and mobile phone?