Regulation and Policy

Directly engaging with MPs, policy makers and stakeholders to ensure that existing and proposed regulations are fit for purpose, offering consultation and transparency throughout their process. With over 40 million vehicle records and over 49 million driver records held within the UK government’s arms length agencies, HCVA seeks to ensure there is accountable oversight and appropriate challenge.

Evidence suggests the DVLA are interpreting rules with ill-defined guidelines for the industry, causing uncertainty around the correct registration of classic vehicles. We are seeing what independent experts confirm are original classics having their identity removed, with little consistency, transparency or recourse.

The issue

The DVLA have, for some time, been following a particular interpretation of policy regarding the registration of historic and classic vehicles that has been leading to severe difficulties for owners, restorers and repairers. There are undefined areas of policy that need clarification and the rules being applied need to be fair and transparent, with appropriate oversight and accountability for the decision-making processes.

There are several pieces of legislation passing through Parliament that could affect classic car owners and businesses in a negative way.

What are we doing?

We are engaged with MP’s, the Transport Select Committee and the DVLA to lobby for appropriate transparent rules, guidance and policies on behalf of the industry to ensure that all parties are fully informed and expertise engaged in these important decision processes.

The HCVA was instrumental in the creation of the Historic and Classic Vehicle User Group which consists of the DVLA, member clubs, associations and the RAC, representing the voice of our members across the classic car industry in this valuable forum.

We have been active in the debates surrounding new offences of 'vehicle tampering', as well as contributing to the important Future of transport regulatory review: modernising vehicle standards.

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Related campaign news

  • Vehicle Tampering Offences Debate

    The petition opposing this aspect of the Future of Transport programme gained over 115,000 signatures and was scheduled for debate. James Sunderland MP quoted the HCVA on the size of the classic sector and the concerns we that have before proposing that, should the government go ahead with the bill, specific exemptions are made for the historic and classic sector.

  • Department of Transport Response

    21st DECember 2021

    The Government has responded as the petition has now surpassed 100,000 signatures. Parliament will now consider this for debate.

  • DVLA & classic car groups join forces to solve registration problems

    15TH OCTOBER 2021

    Guy Lachlan, HCVA Director said “This is a significant step to the sector supporting our vehicle licensing body to help them to support the sector, a win-win. We look forward to working with the DVLA, the RAC, the AOVC and the FBHVC on the critical actions”.

  • Future of transport regulatory review: modernising vehicle standards

    23rd November 2021

    The Government is trying to understand how it should respond to the massive changes in transport that are happening and will continue to happen as vehicles electrify and get more connected. The HCVA has written a response that describes how we feel that historic and classic vehicles should be excluded, and that the proposal to modifications that the document calls ‘tampering’, would damage our industry.