Instant Offset - new updated website

This exciting new initiative is a simple way to ensure that every classic driver can completely offset their carbon emissions in just three steps!

In conjunction with our partners NET-HERO, this simple to use platform enables users to become environmentally friendly drivers in three steps and from 2 pence per mile. A typical classic car can completely offset their carbon emissions from as little as £30. The fees charged are used to support high quality ethical carbon credit projects around the world including afforestation, restoration of peatlands and grass protection.

Whatever your offset cost, a contribution of £2 goes toward the HCVA to help fund our campaigning to protect the future of classic and historic vehicles. A further £2 takes care of the administration of the scheme by NET-HERO. This is a high quality, transparent way of offsetting your carbon whilst also helping to stand up for your interests.  

Every driver offsetting their carbon emissions using NET-HERO will receive a certificate and vignette to demonstrate their status as an environmentally responsible driver.

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