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HCVA introduce Minimum Professional Standards for conversion of classic vehicles from internal combustion to electric drivetrains

An HCVA Initiative

Electric conversions of classic cars are steadily increasing in popularity, especially for owners living in towns and cities, and incorporation of electric motive power can provide a new lease of life for vehicles which otherwise might become unviable in some locales.

“Obviously electric conversions are not for everyone, or every car, but for some people they represent the only feasible option for classic motoring. They are here to stay”

Guy Lachlan, HCVA in Octane Magazine

With this in mind, it could be considered surprising that there are no official standards for the electrical conversions of classic cars. As the trade body representing the industry we consider it vital to ensure that those in the classic vehicle electrification industry adhere to Minimum Professional Standards to protect their workers, customers and the public.

The aim is to provide companies with a checklist of issues to address during the design, incorporation and use of these complex systems, which are so unfamiliar to those more used to dealing with internal combustion.

The document covers areas as diverse as weight distribution, structural considerations and logic protocols in the completed system. The training of workshop personnel and tooling considerations are also addressed.

For the customer, presentation of a technical document and certificate at the end of the electrification process will demonstrate that the MPS has been followed.

As well as setting a clear differentiator between those who follow the guidance and those who do not, it may also prove useful in demonstrating adherence to the quality standards required for IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) inspections and also with insurance companies.

The HCVA hopes to work with the Department for Transport as sensible electrical conversion regulations are adopted nationally. In the meantime this document represents useful guidance for current electrification companies, new entrants and for those who are considering working in this area.

The document is available for HCVA Trade Members to download in the Members Area.

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