Is driving your classic killing the planet?

Absolutely not, but that is not the widespread perception. Join the HCVA now and make sure the right message gets out there to the people who neeed to hear it.

The Facts

  • Classic and historic vehicles are already much closer to net zero than you might have thought
  • Our industry is the epitome of sustainability through extensive reuse and recycling
  • Typical classic car use emits substantially less CO2 annually than your mobile phone and computer
  • We’re pushing hard for net zero well ahead of legislative targets for the automotive sector
  • We’re promoting sector emission reductions including carbon neutral fuels and offsetting
  • We’ve launched a ‘simple to use’ carbon offsetting scheme for the classic sector alongside NET-HERO


  • We're already on the road to Net Zero!

    Our sector will more than meet the climate challenge facing the planet and in doing so can preserve a unique, heritage asset, together with jobs and skills that would otherwise be lost.

    We can do this because we already have a great running start through our ‘recycle and reuse’ business model, with very low comparative green house gas emissions throughout our entire manufacturing process and during the lifecycle of our products and services. 

    We have committed to close any remaining green house gas emissions gap with a science-based roadmap to achieve a net zero (or better) emissions target for our sector well before 2050.

  • Our Mission

    We need to correct the myths and misconceptions around classic vehicles and build upon already active nationwide media campaigns.

    We will set out our plans to achieve net zero or better for our sector and will produce an accurate cradle-to-grave carbon cost comparison with new versus old.

    By demonstrating our already significant progress toward carbon neutrality we will help protect and preserve this important part of our heritage.

    We are acting as a unified voice for industry and owners to protect the future of our past.

  • A Full Agenda

    We have pioneered a working group with senior DVLA officials to recognise and resolve the current delays and frustrations.

    We’re working to simplify the movement of vehicles and parts in and out of Europe.

    We are engaging with younger audiences and promoting the skills and career opportunities across the entire sector.

    We are developing an industry-wide common standard and code of conduct to enhance customer confidence.

    We are communicating the importance of our heritage, jobs and skills.

We can’t do it without you

We are leading the efforts to preserve and protect the world of historic and classic vehicles so that they are here for the next generation to enjoy too. As a not-for-profit campaigning organisation the support of our members funds our work and helps determine how effective we can be.
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