DVLA Call for Evidence response - Our unique opportunity to save our heritage!

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Postal deadline circa 30th June. Online closing date - July 4th 2024

What is happening?

DVLA’s recent focus has been on modifications and repairs performed on historic vehicles, which in some cases has resulted in genuine historic identities being denied, along with original registration numbers, on some occasions  for simply drilling a hole, or due to minor changes or standard repairs made for safety or improved drivability on modern roads.

Our belief is that most modifications and repairs form part of a historic vehicles identity rather than replacing it and we are encouraging DVLA to recognise this going forward. DVLA recognise that this situation needs addressing and the process requires a Call for Evidence to assess the scope for potential change.

What does this mean?

Communities of enthusiasts, the companies who work with these cars and the skills and jobs that this £18 billion industry supports are threatened as much as the cars themselves. With certainty and some simple changes to policy and its interpretation,  jobs, industries and ways of life are secured . It may well  affect you too, your car – and the jobs and future of people you know. 

How has this opportunity come about?

The HCVA has, since 2021, been working extremely hard at the forefront of this campaign for the classic car community – engaging with politicians, the DVLA and government to try and get this fixed. Now we have reached the line – and we need your help to get over it.

The Department for Transport has launched a Call for Evidence to help improve and update the rules – so the DVLA can more easily make their decisions fit for purpose. It can stop the inappropriate stripping of vehicle identities, protect jobs and make sure this part of British heritage remains an important part of our national life.

How you can help - right now

All you need to do is to answer a few straightforward questions – and we have put together a simple guide to make it even easier. Please get your friends and relatives to contribute too: the more voices, the stronger we all are. Then we can all look forward to the sights and sounds of classic vehicles on our roads for years to come – for us and future generations to enjoy.

What the HCVA is doing for its members

The Call for Evidence is complex, with 46 questions in total, but don’t worry in that the HCVA will be submitting a detailed response on behalf of its members, backed up with supporting evidence to assist the DVLA.

Help support us to help support you and become an HCVA member today.

We only have until July 4 – Election Day – so act now, for us all.

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