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The HCVA is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation
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    For Trade & Industry

    The challenges our industry is now experiencing and those coming down the road fast are serious - and in many cases could lead to job losses and business closures.

    We have created this non-profit organisation for a single purpose - to do everything that can be done to protect the future for us all.  Our insights, expertise and advice will keep members ahead of the curve on upcoming developments, helping them stay fully informed.

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     Owners, Enthusiasts and the General Public

    Classic vehicles bring untold pleasure to millions of drivers and supporters but the freedom to carry on enjoying this popular pastime is in jeopardy.

    Misunderstandings about their impact on the environment, confusion about rules after Brexit and other issues mean this is a time for urgent action. With the average value of a classic car at around £5,400, this is not just a hobby for the well-heeled - this is a key part of our heritage that is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The classic and historic vehicle world is facing unprecedented threats and it needs a strong voice to help protect it. We're rising to this global challenge and we are asking for your support to help us succeed.

Whether you are a part of the industry, a classic car owner or an enthusiast who enjoys the world of vintage vehicles, you can all help. Our aim is to protect jobs, promote the world-leading British industry that supports them, and preserve our freedom to enjoy vehicles that invariably bring a smile to countless faces.

What's happening?

There are three priority issues for the world of historic and classic vehicles:
  • The Environment

    There’s a widespread misconception that classic vehicles are environmentally unfriendly. We need to make sure policy makers have all the facts.

    The truth is that the average classic car produces under HALF the carbon dioxide emissions of using a mobile phone or computer for a year.

    Myth-busting facts like that need to be properly understood when policies that affect us all are made. Our job is to make sure the right people have the right information.

  • Post Brexit Challenges

    Clearing confusion over issues raised by Brexit and the UK as a Non EU country.

    Whatever your political position and however you voted, the unintended consequences of Brexit include problems around deciphering complex new rules on the movement of vehicles and parts between the UK and EU and the viability of events both at home and abroad.

    This has an impact on everyone - industry, owners and enthusiasts. We need to apply political pressure in Westminster and Brussels to clarify the best way forward not just for the UK but also for fellow traders and friends in Europe.

  • Jobs & Skills

    The future viability of the industry and the jobs it supports are at stake.

    Over 100,000 skilled jobs are at risk if the prospects of the classic and historic vehicle sector are threatened - jobs that promote sustainability, preservation, restoration and reuse.

    We need to protect these jobs and encourage younger people into the industry to protect it’s future and the valuable, traditional skills it supports.

Key Facts

Nus Ghani MP

'The classic and historic vehicle industry is a great British success story that gives pleasure to millions and it would be disastrous if it suffered serious damage through neglect or ignorance. We need to do all we can to support a sector that provides thousands of highly skilled and well-paid jobs in my constituency and across the UK and preserves exemplary skills and craftsmanship. 

The HCVA has my wholehearted backing.'

 MP for East Sussex MP, former transport minister


    Did you know?

    The average value of a classic car is just £5,400. This is not just a pastime for the well-heeled - this is a key part of our heritage that is enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life.

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    Did you know?

    The average historic or classic vehicle emits only 20% of the amount of CO2 per year as compared with using your computer and mobile phone?

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