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    The DfT and DVLA are asking for our expertise and help. This is a 'once in a generation’ opportunity to assist the DVLA to streamline historic vehicle registration processes and is a result of three years of hard work by our team.

    Postal deadline circa 30th June. Online closing date - July 4th 2024

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Welcome to the Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance

The HCVA represents the collective voice of the hundreds of SME’s who provide services across the historic and classic vehicle sector, supported by the individuals and enthusiasts who rely on them.

Through collaboration, transparency and proactive lobbying the HCVA seeks to increase awareness and education of the sectors economic and social benefits, to ensure those responsible for policy and regulation are challenged and held accountable, to promote sustainable innovation and technologies and to ensure the HCVA member community is engaged and confident their voices will be heard.

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Mark Harper, Secretary of State for Transport has announced a Call for Evidence on the treatment of classic vehicles. The announcement came at an event hosted by the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) at Bicester Heritage.

Mark Harper launched an eight-week consultation, open until 4th July, into how to best support Britain’s classic car sector and industry, worth a staggering £18 billion annually, following criticism from the HCVA and the wider classic and historic vehicle community on how the DVLA deals with classic cars. The HCVA warns that it is vital for individual responses to clear and constructive. The Call for Evidence is complex with no less than 46 individual questions, and most lead the respondent to acquiesce to the current arrangements and categories. 

To help interested parties compile their own effective response, the HCVA will shortly publish its own draft detailed response to the call and strongly encourages all potential respondents to read it fully and consider its contents when making their own individual responses.

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  • Aston Martin Works has joined the HCVA

    "We are delighted to welcome Aston Martin Works into the membership" said HCVA Director, Guy Lachlan. "Our recent member conference underscored the need for OEMs to work in close cooperation with their independent counterparts, and we believe the HCVA provides the perfect organisational environment to do so."

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HCVA hosts second Heritage Matters Insights Day

Following an extremely successful inaugural HCVA Heritage Matters Insight Day in October 2023, we are pleased to have followed it up with ‘Heritage Matters too’. Over 100 industry experts and business leaders gathered at the Hagerty UK Clubhouse for the day of progress updates, industry insights and networking.

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Latest Joining Members

We're delighted to announce that the following companies have just joined the HCVA and are doing their part to protect the future of classic and historic vehicles in the UK.

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Recent HCVA Initiatives


    Minimum Professional Standards for conversion of classic vehicles to electric drivetrains

    The aim is to provide companies with a checklist of issues to address during the design, incorporation and use of these complex systems, which are so unfamiliar to those more used to dealing with internal combustion.


    Action on Parts

    If a component fitted by a restorer or maintainer doesn't fit properly or fails prematurely, the resulting rectification can impose costs onto the installer far beyond the value of the part that failed – not to mention consequential reputational harm and customer dissatisfaction. 


    DVLA Issues Reporting

    If you are now, or have recently, experienced issues with Historic vehicle registration which you consider to have been poorly or wrongly handled by DVLA, please help us by completing the form on this page. Identifying your issues and suggestions will allow us to collate and prioritise the various issues with the relevant official body.

HCVA Unregistered Vehicle Record Scheme

  • We are preparing the final stages of the launch of the HCVA Unregistered Vehicle Record Scheme. 

    If you would like to be informed when the service is ready please fill in your email address:

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  • Heritage Matters Podcast episode #2 now live!

    For any of you that aren’t already familiar with them, StarterMotor is an excellent charity dedicated to putting young people behind the wheel of classic cars. We chat to Chief Executive Dave Withers about the reasons behind the creation of the charity and why they play such an important role for the future of the industry. 

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  • First episode of the all new Heritage Matters podcast now live

    The podcast has been something that we’ve had in the works for a long time, the series takes a relaxed dive into the historic vehicle industry and some of the incredible people within it. We’ve built up a long list of amazing guests to chat to and we’re excited to share their stories, their enthusiasms and what makes them tick.

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  • HCVA Member Update - DVLA Announcement

    We are pleased to inform members that that the DVLA has begun to address the concerns of our members and those of our partner organisations within the Historical Vehicle User Group (HVUG). The HCVA's long-standing goal is to work with DVLA and other stakeholders to agree a published definition of exactly what work can be performed during restoration without jeopardising a given vehicle's Historic registration status

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  • Enhanced benefits for HCVA Trade Members

    The most obvious benefit of HCVA membership is the fact that you are actively helping to build a future for classic cars and the jobs that they support. As a not-for-profit orgnaisation every penny of your membership subscription goes toward funding our campaigns. However, your membership does come with an ever-increasing range of other benefits too...

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HCVA's Four Strategic Pillars

  • Environment and Sustainability

    Working with the broader industry and policy makers to embrace advances in knowledge and technologies to find sustainable solutions for both new and classic vehicles alike.

    HCVA advocates an open mind approach to ensure the continued growth of the sector and its membership.

  • Education and Skills

    HCVA promotes the wider understanding of the economic and social benefits of the historic and classic vehicle sector, ensuring a diverse and inclusive industry drives future generations to engage.

    We work with members, partners and corporations to actively promote career opportunities within the sector, from engineering to marketing, operations to executive leadership. 

  • Regulation and Policy

    Directly engaging with MPs, policy makers and stakeholders to ensure that existing and proposed regulations are fit for purpose, offering consultation and transparency throughout their process.

    With over 40 million vehicle records and over 49 million driver records held within the UK government’s arms length agencies, HCVA seeks to ensure there is accountable oversight and appropriate challenge.

  • HCVA Community

    Our members are central to all that we do. As individual SMEs come together, we collectively use our powerful voice to make considered representations and impactful change. Within our membership we facilitate information sharing and encourage collaboration between members.

    In addition, we host events and share exclusive offers and benefits, which combine to make HCVA membership cost effective as well as adding real value for associated businesses.

Support the future of classic and historic vehicles in the UK

  • Trade & Industry Membership

    As the Trade Association for the classic and historic vehicle sector we exist to promote the interests of our members. We work to ensure that policy makers and regulators are held accountable, we promote innovation and skills development and ensure the voices of our members are heard.

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  • Owners & Enthusiasts Membership

    Classic and historic vehicles are a valuable, iconic part of our shared heritage and we work to ensure that the sector that supports them can flourish in a changing regulatory and economic environment. Your membership actively supports our vital work and helps to ensure that you can enjoy your classic for years to come.

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"The classic and historic vehicle industry is a great British success story that gives pleasure to millions and it would be disastrous if it suffered serious damage through neglect or ignorance. We need to do all we can to support a sector that provides thousands of highly skilled and well-paid jobs in my constituency and across the UK and preserves exemplary skills and craftsmanship."

Nus Ghani, MP for East Sussex & former Transport Minister