Are you having difficulty moving vehicles and parts?

The HCVA is conscious that many members are finding it difficult to move classic vehicles and their parts across borders since Brexit. This was initially raised as a concern around the difficulty smaller organisations find related to the temporary importation of vehicles.

The UK is recognised and arguably revered around the globe for its Historic and Classic vehicle crafts. Therefore, many overseas companies and owners ship their vehicles here for repair, service, rebuild or restoration. There exists a government process for this temporary importation. However, the documentation and the required financial bond make this extremely difficult for the smaller companies. 

A process existed previously whereby up to three vehicles could be brought into the UK on a temporary basis for such work. The HCVA are seeking to enable this process with ease of documentation. We are amassing the data to enable a strong representation to be made to the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business. We believe that easing this movement would have a significant positive financial benefit for the country and this is the argument that needs to be presented. If you have examples that you are willing to share ideally with financial data, that will be anonymised, we would be pleased to hear from you.

“Those big companies that bring in a larger number of vehicles for restoration are able to spend the time to complete the relevant paperwork and cover the financial bond required by the Government. What we need to do is to return to the prior, simpler process to enable more organisations to benefit from our European customers desire to use UK workmanship” said Jeremy Barker co-owner of Cars Europe and HCVA Advisory Group Member.

In addition to the movement of vehicles into the UK for restoration and repair there is the question of ease of temporary transportation of vehicles out of the UK for a variety of reasons including to attend events. Also, the movement and duty on parts is a significant concern to many of our current and prospective members. These two elements will receive further evaluation to understand the implications, the opportunities and the mechanism to present the argument to the legislators.

Any anecdotes, information and case studies you have would be gratefully received.

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