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Barriers to trade

The UK is the acknowledged world-leader in the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of historic and classic vehicles.

Our rich heritage of manufacturing, engineering and skills has ensured we have retained this premier position and we have always been the destination for buyers, sellers, collectors and those wanting skilled restoration, repairs or specialist parts.

The issue

New barriers to business means that European companies and individuals now often find it too difficult and expensive to bring their vehicles here - and we lose out. New regulations mean that UK companies doing business in Europe are hit with paperwork, carnets and disruption, as well as serious added costs that greatly reduce competitiveness and opportunity.

It’s now much more difficult and costly to source or supply parts, with huge delays and ever more paperwork. Sourcing cars from Europe to restore here are now subject to new fees and taxes. The historic touring and racing industries also have to jump through new hoops and customer numbers have dwindled, significantly threatening the survival of many businesses that have traded successfully for decades.

What are we doing?

We are working with our contacts within the Government to ensure that classic car owners and businesses are taken into account as policy is changed and developed further. The difficult political situation around our exit from the European Union means that progress will necessarily be limited by what is possible - but we aim to ensure that when sector consultations are taking place that we are a strong voice standing up for the sector and owners too.

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  • Are you having difficulty moving vehicles and parts?

    The HCVA is conscious that many members are finding it difficult to move classic vehicles and their parts across borders since Brexit. This was initially raised as a concern around the difficulty smaller organisations find related to the temporary importation of vehicles.

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    Whatever sector of our industry your business supports, and whatever your size, you will face serious ongoing challenges and threats which may lead to business closures and job losses. As the only not-for-profit organisation representing the industry, your support is essential to ensure that we are not the victims of adverse legislation or regulation.

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    The freedom to continue to enjoy your classic is under threat. These vehicles are a key part of our heritage and enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Your support is essential to ensure we can campaign effectively on your behalf to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

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